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вторник, 20 февраля 2018 г.

Anton Dendemarchenko, Transnistria. Free walking tour and extended budget tours to the country that doesn't exist.

Anton Dendemarchenko

i do postcards with my drawings and budget tours
to top attractions and hidden gems of my motherland, 
the country that doesn't exist. 

My country is off beaten path, but it has amazing soviet legacy and southern comfort, delicious wine and tasty cuisine.  I'm not brilliant in promotion, hard to find right words why Transnistria is a must-see. Anyway, if you give me a chance to present you my motherland - city tour or full day - you won't regret this journey. Essentially I am trying to do what I would like to experience myself when I travel abroad, see real life and picturesque landscapes, explore urban gems with a local and meet not a "guide" but a friend. My art and tours is my chance to hit the budget for my own travels with my family, so honestly, if you support me - you support my dream. You won't be meeting a guide, you will be meeting a friend.

Before you mount up and go, read this note in National Geographic that I am very proud of because I am mentioned there :) and read my own note Travel to Transnistria in postcards, Information how to get to Transnistria from Moldova is here. Another proof that Transnistria does exist and I do exist too - my tour pages with reviews and feedback on facebook, instagram and blogspot. My personal pages on instagram, facebookyoutube/youtube and soundcloud.

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And here is another proof that I exist, this is me, my son Danila and my wife Zlata :)
by Alexander Gavrillov

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