Transnistria travel with Anton Dendemarchenko

понедельник, 25 июля 2016 г.

Every day is the best day

This is internet den of me, myself and I, an ordinary man from Pridnestrovie. The world knows my motherland as Transnistria, Pridnestrovie is the russian name, F.I.Y. Anyway, big hello to everyone, comrades! 


Time Turner sketchbook
Some TV for descendants, and some more

Big hello to Le Storybook, Andrey Smolensky, Dmitry Gavrilov and Jason Isaacs!

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"Burnout" (2015) collects pieces of noise of almost 8 years period, available in Tiraspol Central Bookstore. It is very lo-fi, very strange, and yeah, must have :)

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Pridnestrovie is always open to all types of music, if your band is ready to travel to nowhereland with a live tour, contact (373) 533-77322

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     I've got this crazy idea to exchange pictures with artists from different countries. So my flat would be full of drawings on the walls, maybe only graphic sketches or watercolor cityscapes, but real, stylish, from Paris, Rome, London, Prague and elsewhere, whoever answers my request. Any place may fit, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I will send my Transnistria drawings in return. Let's use post mail, no need to send a wooden frame, only the sketch between two cartons in an envelope. Size A5, A6, A4. Besides drawings we may exchange some souvenirs like friendship bracelets or authentic amulets, cute handmades, local coins, post stamps, writings or anything.
Sketch exchange  on
Sketch exchange on

Before I've got enough frames for all wonders of the world, here they are, postcards and a drawing from Полина Пастухова from Ekaterinburg. The stone is jasper, it's authentic for Ural.

Maltese treasures from Fiona Halliday

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2016 postcards :: Pridnestrovie sketching

I turned some works from my sketchbook into postcards. There is a set of 12 postcards though there are more than 100 other postcards that may form a personal set:)

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  Now all these jobs are magnets too. And I've made a map also. 

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Dendemarchenko - Transnistria (video footage)

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...yields of Tiraspol streets walk...

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     There is one more thing I’d love to tell, well it’s all about a book. It is not actually mine, but I would call it a family treasure. It is an Italian fairy tale about a girl by the name Santina and her fortune. The story was retold to Russian in verses so now it is a poem. Like all fairy tales it resonates through hearts of little ones and their parents, has a space for tears and laughter and would be notably appealing and inspiring for girls about 7-12 years old. The book has beautiful illustrations, a small edition was actually published, A4 size, 48 pages. If you know any Casa editrice that might be interested in searching for new diamonds, let me know. But you can also listen to an audio play, just sit back and take a trip with Santina.

last photo taken from Le Storybook